Hungarian Folk Art

Hungarian Folk Art

We cherish Hungarian folk art, our invaluable traditions that grew and formed in the Carpathian basin where Hungary lies along with many other nations of Eastern and Central Europe.

On you can find some information about the following topics:

Hungarian Folk Music: Hungarian folk bands as well as Hungarian folk music that inspired Bela Bartok or Zoltan Kodaly, or even contemporary artists in a wide range of music genres, including beatbox. Hungarian folk tunes are very versatile, ranging from the happy wedding songs through military songs to nursery rhymes and soft lullabies.

Hungarian Folk Dances: dances, dance shows of Hungarian folk dances in Budapest, Hungary, and in other countries (please send in your upcoming folk shows)

Hungarian Folk Tales: we are collecting some of the well known Hungarian tales translated into English

Hungarian Folk Motifs: art designs and patterns of Hungary to inspire your crafts or crafts workshops with adults and children

Hungarian Folk Dresses: beautiful dresses with Hungarian folk motifs, original / authentic dresses and contemporary designs.

Hungarian Folk Embroidery: embroidery on various textiles, dresses, cloths, linens

We are adding the content to the site gradually, please bear with us if you cannot find enough info yet about Hungarian Folk. The website was born in December 2012.


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