Matyo Folk Dresses

Matyo Hungarian Folk Dresses

Matyo folk art, its strikingly unique, wonderfully colorful embroidery and motifs, one of the most beautiful and well known folk arts in Hungary became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in December 2012.

Matyo is from the Northeastern region of Hungary, namely from the town of Mezokovesd. The following Matyo folk dress photos of Matyo dresses, designs, aprons, scarves, blouses, wedding dresses, head pieces, etc. were taken in 1940 by Mihaly Erdodi (Erdődi Mihály). The photos are in the Hungarian Museum of Ethnography in Budapest.

The video below was made at the Matyo Festival in Mezokovesd in 2010: the Matyo Folk Ensemble is dancing in the streets, and you can see the dresses in real life.

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Matyo Couple in their Best dress
Matyo woman and girl in scarf - tent scarf
group of young Matyo women
Matyo women holding hands by the House with Agasfa
Matyo Fair in Mezokovesd 1940
Matyo Bride and Maid the wedding planner
Matyo Wedding Dresses
Matyo woman in folk dress waiting
Matyo House in Mezokovesd Hungary - Ustokos haz
Matyo girls by a Matyo house in Mezokovesd Hungary
Matyo women embroidering folk motifs 1940
Matyo embroidery in the make
young Matyo girls
Matyo dresses from Mezokovesd Hungary
Matyo women with spinning wheels
Matyo woman with wedding headpiece and scarf
Matyo women in folk dresses
Matyo men and women
Matyo dress 1940
Matyo portrait
Matyo scarf
Matyo family
Matyo pom pom hats
Matyo pompom hats
Matyo mother with son
Matyo hat
Little boy in Matyo folk dress
Matyo Hungarian folk dress
Matyo children
Matyo women by the cherry tree
Matyo folk dress from Hungary on young married woman
Matyo folk dress on little boy and mom 1940 Mezokovesd
Matyo folk dresses
Matyo girls at wedding
Matyo wedding headpiece
Matyo Maria girl
Matyo Maria Girls
Matyo couple

sorry for my english.
Can you tell me please. from which district the ladies come with the big ponpons on the hat? And, whats the for this hat. I have a doll with a hat and so would like to know what it is.
Thank you

Dear Sigi, the big pompom hats are the Matyo hats:
More about the Matyo folk art of the Northeastern region of Hungary, namely from the town of Mezokovesd

Hello! I was curious if you knew how far back has this particular tradition been a part of the Matyo community?

The Matyo folk community’s name dates back to the 15th century, as the name Matyo itself, according to some sources, is originated from the name of the Hungarian king, King Matthias the Just. Matthias in Hungarian is Matyas (hence Matyo). Folk museums cherish memories from approx. the mid 19th century.

Ali Banks-Martin

My name is Ali Banks-Martin and I am heading into my final year at Wimbledon College of Art, London. I am studying costume interpretation and my plan is to make a ‘Traditional Hungarian Costume’ for next term.

As well as needing to do a lot of research into the Costume, this project is called ‘Real Lives’ and I therefore need to base it around a real person who would have worn these outfits.

I am hoping that you might have contacts or suggestions that might help me in my research.
I would really appreciate your help and look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible.

This Matyó dress is exactly what I would love to make!



Dear Ali,

thank you for your comment.

I am afraid, we cannot help you with your request, we are sorry about it.

Hello, I am very curious about the thchniques or stitch of Matyó embroidery and the production process of Matyó embroidery. If you can tell me more about these or recommend some websites to me, I will be very grateful.

Dear Yue,

we are glad to hear that you are interested in Matyó embroidery. It compromises the three Hungarian main villages of Mezőkövesd, Tard and Szentistván.

However, I am afraid, we cannot be of help with regards to your question, I would suggest to use the main search engines.

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