Hungarian Folk Show in Theater Booking

Hungarian Folk Show in Theater Booking

Hungarian Folk Shows in the Danube Palace, Budapest.

Tingting Wang

I booked 2 tickets with folk show-2nd cats in Danube Palace yesterday night. But I don’t receive the tickets letter. Could you help me to sent the email again? My email is Thank you very much.

Dear Tingting,
thank you for your booking and your email.

The confirmation email has already been sent to you. Could you please check your spam folder too?

Please let me know if you have not received it yet.

Have a nice time in Budapest!

I booked your show yesterday, but I have not received an e-mail or the tickets.
Please check my reservation and hope you send me an email again.
thank you

oh, I just got an email. thank you

Dear Kim,
thank you for confirming. Have a nice time in Budapest!

Me and my wife would like to watch todays 20:00 performance, but we haven’t booked any tickets because we don’t have PayPal. Can we buy tickets if we come earlier at the Danube Palace?

Dear Nikos,
thank you for your inquiry.
Yes, tickets can be purchased on the spot as well.

I am trying to purchase tickets for April 21 show, 2 people VIP. It will not accept the credit card. Can it only be processed through Paypal? We are using a Visa card. thank you

Dear Amy,
thank you for contacting us.
We will soon be in touch with you via email. Thank you for your patience.

I bought 4 tickets for the performance yesterday (16th). I got the receipt but have not got tickets yet. Could you check it? My transaction ID is 37G938039P577520H.


thank you for your email.

Your reservation is valid, and the confirmation email has been sent to your email address yesterday, just before noon.

I have just resent this email from our backup email address.

Please check the spam folder too and get back to us whether you have received it tihs time.

Can you tell me if there is a discount for a small group? Or if there is a discount for a travel agent?
Can I book specific seats, in 2nd category (blue), and know in advance where I will sit?
Thank you

Dear Rob,
thank you for your inquiry.
The discount depends on the group size, the date and the chosen program / category.
Yes, after making your booking, we will send you the booked seats.
Should you wish to request a group offer, please contact us via email at info [at]

Hello, I want to book Hungarian State Folk Ensemble dance show in Danude Palace for 21 or 22 Sept and I do not see any tickets for these days. There will be no shows? We will be in Budapest only for this week end

Hello Sharan,

thank you for your email.

I am afraid, there will be no Folk Shows on those days.

Let me please recommend you an A la Carte 4-course Dinner Cruise with live folk show.

More info and booking is on:

I hope I could be of help.

Can I attend the folk show with children?

Hello Donna,
of course. Small kids (who can sit on your lap during the Show) are free of charge. For bigger children you can buy a student ticket.

Hi. How can i purchase VIP tickets?

Dear Ugne,
the VIP tickets can be found in the booking form, after choosing either Adults or Students.

Hi, what is the highest age for students? We are 2 people in school (16 and 18) and 2 people in university (24 and 27)? Are all of them students├č

Hello Lisa,

thank you for contacting us.

There is no age limit, until they have a valid student ID card which needs to be present at the beginning of the program.

I hope I could be of help.

We want to get category1 seats, but can’t find where to select seats. May 7th for 2.

Dear Jane,
First please select the program type (Folk Show (1.5 hours) or Folk Show + Cruise (3.5 h)). After that you can select to book adult or student tickets. After that you will see the different ticket options (categories).
I hope this helps.

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