Hungarian Folk Show on August 20 in Budapest

Hungarian Folk Show on August 20 in Budapest

August 20 is the most special day of the summer in Budapest: Hungary is celebrating St Stephen’s Day with Fireworks, Folk Art Festival, Consecration of the Bread, free Folk Concerts and Folk Dance Shows, processions, and with many other interesting programs.

Hungarian Folk Dance Show

Hungarian Folk Dance Show

This is a very special days for us Hungarians, and although there is no Hungarian Folk Show scheduled for this day, you will have a good chance to see amateur and half professional dance groups from Hungary on the main stage of the August 20 celebrations on Adam Clark Square (next to the Chain Bridge, Buda side)

Aug 20 Folk Show Location

at the Buda side of the Chain Bridge, next to the Funicular Railway

Aug 20 Folk Show Hours

there are about 3-4 shows throughout the day from 11 am to 5 pm.

2013 the program of the folk shows:

11.20 Folk Dance Show ( Zengővárkonyi Hagyományőrző Népi Együttes)

13.00 Folk Dance Show (Netz Tancprodukcio)

15.00 Folk Dance and Music Show (Népművészeti Egyesületek Szövetség: Bagi Muharay Elemér Népi Együttes, Netz Tancprodukcio, CimbaliBand Concert)

18.30 Folk Music Concert

The Peacock has Taken Off Show (“Fölszállott a páva”)

Netz Production video:



I am not sure who this message will be reaching but I am an American professional dancer here in the US and I am interested in exploring my family’s Hungarian heritage by visiting Hungary during the summer time and experiencing the folk dance traditions of the culture. Is there anyone I can get in contact with about this type of experience? I would love to travel abroad and live in the Budapest for a short time.

Warmest regards,

Hello Rachel, thank you for contacting us. Could you please be a bit more specific how you wish to experience the folk dance traditions – by watching or participating? If you come in June, there will be a nice Danube Carnival, sort of street folk dance festival with all sorts of nations and Hungarians too. If you time your arrival in August, the Festival of Folk Arts is a perfect way to see some dances. There are regular folk shows in Budapest given by the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Danube and Rajko Folk Ensemble. There are dance houses where you can participate and learn dances in Hagyomanyok Haza. You can visit the skanzen in Szentendre, which is a live folk village museum, or visit Holloko, a village preserved in the 19th century Hungarian folk traditions (now part of the UNESCO World Heritage). There are many ways to explore your heritage, which is quite diverse. Kalocsa festival is nice too, as is the Festival in Mezokovesd (Matyo Festival in Hungary around Easter).
Do you know perhaps more of your Hungarian tradition? Which folk region you may come from?

In the US you will also very likely find Hungarian folk heritage, e.g. the Smithsonian Museum has folk days with many Hungarian folk events.

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